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Story abot C4 the clan.

I C4 General K made this clan because I am sick and tired of not having good team mates, who either dont know what they are doing or just get in your road. From this I looked around for some players who had some skill and knew wtf to do and I made a group called C4. The C4 stands for the explosive used in every day military conflicts. I chose this because at the time I created the clan we played call of duty 4 and I used the equipment C4 all the time the same can be said just now but the name still stands true. Thats my part of the story now its time to make yours......                    The games that C4 base around are: All CODS from 4 to Black ops we are willing to expand our clan on new games if our members have them.


How to join this epic clan.

To join the C4 clan you must under stand some ground rules.                                  Rule 1. Follow all orders from General K.                                                                Rule 2. Respect all members of the clan.                                                            
Rule 3. Clan tag must be on at all times when playing with clan.                             Now that you under stand the simple rules here is how you will be accepted. You must have a K/D of over 1.0, You must have a good attitude, You must work togeter as a team. If you can cope with these musts then please go the the "Join Here" page.


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